Vintage Art Nouveau Style Fabric

Dealing with smelly vintage garment and first time using a NewLook pattern:
Last year my mom send me a huge pile of vintage fabrics, after the first excitement I noticed two problems. One was that they came in varied and non-standard lengths, and the other problem was a very musty old smell that still hung in the cloth even after two washing cycles with disinfectant.

Making a Knitting Bucket

Free PDF download. This is my first time trying to write sewing instructions for something. Let me know what you think and how helpful they were. Or where you still have questions.

Picking up sewing again

As this is a virtual house-book I thought my sewing experiments and learning to knit would fit right in as well. I am starting with having gotten a gadget: A bias tape maker! This works to amazingly well. If you get one, don’t make my mistake, trying it out for the first time, use a…