This is a blog around housekeeping of sorts. Now my house is usually kind of tidy, and kind of messy. I don’t think it ever looks as if I have a handle on things. So this is not that type of housekeeping blog.

Main themes are:

  1. Recipes

  2. Sewing

  3. Natural Remedies

In general I share favourite recipes, sometimes cleaning hacks, sewing and knitting projects, and the occasional story. I also have a big folder of my granny’s household-school notes from the 1940s, every time I find a bit of time I will translate and transcribe the recipes and advice from it. This is under the Category Summer of 1946. So effectively Housekeeping Virtually is a virtual mirror image of a book I found about 20 years ago. I was poking about one of the attics at the multi-generation farm at home, and found a little black book that belonged to my great-grandmother.* It was a strange mix of ledger and household tips. A bit of research revealed that these kinds of Hausbücher (literally house books) were in use ubiquitously in Germany. Later on my mom presented me with an actual published ‘book for the house’ from the turn of the century (the last one) it has everything in it from canning goods to how to deal with flees. It’s a rather fascinating read.

I hope it will just be a bit of fun and maybe the occasional recipe or tip you find useful.

All the recipes (with exemption of the meat dishes) will have a vegan version as well. If I forgot to suggest a vegan version give me a shout and I add it.

*This is also why this blog is called Frieda’s blog named after said great-grandmother.




The author does not take any responsibilities for side effects or allergies of the recipes or remedies.

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  1. John says:

    Very cool 🙂

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