Left-Overs Sushi

Occasionally, when I really can’t stand the idea of yet another sandwich, I like to get sushi for lunch. The delis close to campus have a pretty decent but not inexpensive selection. This is also where I discovered avocado sushi—I know, awesome right? So last week, after dinner we have a lot of rice left over, and there are always some of the dried seaweed sheets about, and the same counts for rice vinegar.

Mind you I have no idea what happened to the bamboo mats!

There was an avocado left that really needed being used and I had originally planned to make avocado salad (oh remind me to share that recipe!) but then thought. Hey why not sushi? It turned out really well. So today I upped the ante, fried some aubergine (eggplant), cut some avocado and had the camera ready.

I just rolled the seaweed-sheets without a mat or a kitchen-towel. It works. It doesn’t make the rolls as tight but because they are fairly tightly squished into my glassware it works okay.

TIP: use a small glass and mix some soy sauce and rice vinegar to take with you. I have one in my office right now, using a small Ikea spice glass for it.

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