Cast Iron Pizza Stones

Perfect pizza (gas-cooker)


I have been experimenting with home made pizza for ages, building a pizza oven in the garden is still on the bucket-list. Meanwhile, drum-roll!

I have found the perfect way to cook pizza in the gas stove!

It was more or less a coincidence—okay it was pizza-goddess-synchronicity, and we are entering the Jungian kitchen! I was searching for ceramic pizza-stones online, humming and hawing about the purchase. They work well in principle. However, if you are someone who likes to load up their pizza with fresh veggies and a ton of cheese the moisture will eventually crack the stones. None of my ceramic pizza stones has lasted longer than half a year. While, searching the online supermarket of supermarkets a ‘similar product’ suggestion came up with cast iron pizza stones. Heureka! Done and dusted, and it was algorithms not the pizza-goddess, but she makes a better story.

How to: cast iron pizza stone

Now it took a bit of experimenting and varied advice on using cast iron skittles or cast iron pizza stones. There are two key aspects to it: preheat the stone, and timing.

We preheat the pizza stones for at least 20 min some sources suggest half an hour, I think it depends a bit on your gas stove. 20 min highest gas mark is perfect.

You load-up your pizzas while it preheats then switch the gas off and switch on the grill in your gas stove, place the tray on the second highest level underneath the grill (at least in our stove, otherwise the flame of the grill would just burn the pizza). Take out the hot stones, place your fully loaded pizza on it, and place it as quickly as possible underneath the grill.

You will notice that the dough starts baking the moment the pizza is transferred onto the cast iron pizza stone. And this is the whole point of it. Now some instructions suggest that your pizza is ready to eat after two minutes. I have found we need about 4-5 minutes (maybe the 2 minutes is for thin-crust pizzas). Our stove is a bit tight for the two stones so we tend to swap them after 2 minutes to ensure an even bake. This particular phase took a bit of experimenting as well as the right dough (recipe follows).


  1. Preheat the stones thoroughly at highest gas setting
  2. Use grill to actually bake the pizza
  3. Watch your timing
  4. No need to put any oil on the stones
  5. Just makes sure you flour the base

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