Sprucing Up Ceramic Planters

Grubby Planters

This winter has not been too gentle on our outdoor terracotta planters, even after a good scrub they still looked rough and old. And by no means in a fashionable shabby-chic way either!IMG_20180405_114207.jpg

As you can see not the most charming addition to the garden. So I undertook some research and bought outdoor spray paint. This one is really awesome it has an effect that makes it look like outdoor render, and it actually does what it says on the tin:

Here is the effect on the planter:


You can see though that there is a spot on the rim that is not entirely covered and that’s not the only spot I missed. The downside of this paint is that I needed much more than thought. So for a big planter like this one it takes easily 1,5 bottles (400ml each). A bottle costs between £9-£15 so you can do the math. It gets to a point where buying a new planter is actually more cost-effective than spraying it. If you have smaller planters it’s definitely worth a shot.

It was rather fun to see how quickly the planter went from grubby to clean.


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