Baked-Burger Buns

Healthy Baked Burgers

Oh yes! You read that right. Baked burgers in the bun in the oven. Okay. Okay. I am stopping the innuendo and share the recipe.

This was a childhood stable, my granny would make a huge tray with these rolls for the whole family. We would have apple mixed with seabuckthorn juice with them. The perfect winter food.



600 gr mince steak beef img_20180402_192648_1-01546403383.jpeg
2 eggs
1 tbsp salt
1,5 tbsp DRUB No.2 Vampire
1 fresh green chilli
1 fresh red chilli
1,5 tbsp oregano
1 tbsp paprika
rainbow pepper freshly cracked
0,5 tbsp savour
1 small onion very finely chopped
(if you like 1 tbsp caraway seed)

4 rolls (choose rolls that are not too well baked otherwise they will burn)


Mix all the ingredients into a thick mass
Hollow out the bread rolls put the filling aside
Split the meat into 4 equal portions and fill the rolls
Place rolls into a baking tray
And bake for about 40 min
I suggest to use a meat thermometer and they are best when in between the ‘well done’ and ‘medium’ temperature you do not want to dry out the meat

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