Germ killing Garlic Soup

After reading the following article,

and having a bad cold that lingered for three weeks, I decided to give it a shot and tried this recipe:



Logbook of the Experiment


If you are okay with sleeping in the barn, on the roof, in the cellar, or which ever is the furthest available place your family can stow you away with good conscience—try it.

Indicators for intensity:

Be aware it impacts wildlife! Stored the pot in the garden—even with the lid on the smell permeated the house—the foxes and neighbour’s cat made a suspiciously wide berth around said pot.

Actual Impact on Health:

I could not really feel a difference.

Limitations of Experiment:

I only had a small bowl once, because the complains were explicitly vocal accompanied by body-language that left little open to interpretation. You have to be very confident in your family-relationships. Don’t even try with flatmates!


If you want to try it: everyone in the house (and if you live in a tenement, I mean the whole house!) has to commit.

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