Picking up sewing again

As this is a virtual house-book I thought my sewing experiments and learning to knit would fit right in as well.

I am starting with having gotten a gadget:

A bias tape maker!

This works to amazingly well. If you get one, don’t make my mistake, trying it out for the first time, use a fabric that is slightly stiff (not like me using a thin jersey—I burnt my finger!). Okay here the quick

‘How to use a bias tape maker’

instructions without watching a YouTube video:

  1. Fabric goes in the wider end
  2. Make sure to align the textile strip so that there are equal parts of fabric left and right from center
  3. There is a little elongated hole in the tape maker
    1. you can put a needle in there to push the textile forward to the smaller end
  4. As soon as you can get hold of it pull the textile out the smaller end
  5. If it is a bit messy fold the fabric as is comes out and press it with iron
  6. There is a tiny metal handle on it USE IT!
    1. It prevents you from burning your fingers
    2. the bias tape maker gets hot from the steam of the iron
  7. As you pull the fabric out iron it flat

There is a bit of trial an error at the beginning. Pay attention that the fabric at the wider end stays aligned to center. A couple of times the fabric strip seem to have twisted but when I kept pulling it just straightened out again.

Tip: If you want a sharp middle fold in your bias tape once you are done with the bias tape maker, the fabric will still be hot (I know it is a super fast process!) Immediately fold it over and iron over it again.



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