Mince & Tatties

Aka Minced Beef & Mashed Potatoes

It took me only 13 years of living in Scotland to make my first Mince and Tatties. So without further ado … drum-roll etc … here it goes

One of my ‘it’s a grey November night’ favourites!

– 500 g lean steak mince
– 1 medium sized onion
– 3 medium carrots
– 1 piece of celery (about a hand length … more or less depending on how much you like celery)
– 2 teaspoons of tomato concentrate
– 1/2 cup of ale
Use to taste:
+ Salt
+ Pepper (freshly ground rainbow peppers)
+ Chilli
+ Paprika
+ Oregano
+ Mountain Savoury
Add 500 ml water (add more as you cook: again to taste)

Tip: This is a good Monday or Tue recipe if you made roast over the weekend and have gravy left add this to the broth

The spices and herbs should be enough to flavor the broth, particularly if you careful with the amount of water you use and adding a bit of ale and the tomato concentrate for flavor. You won’t ‘taste’ the tomato but it will function as a natural flavour enhancer. So there should not be need to put stock cubes into the broth.

Chop into small pieces … onions, carrots and celery, fry until browned (I used olive oil)
Add the meat and water
Add the spices & ale
Let simmer until meat is soft (if you use pure lean beef this can take 1-2 hours)
Keep adding water

Make the mash the way you want it. I use the handmixer and make it thick and fluffy.

PS: This is actually a fairly healthy meal, unless you use huge amounts of butter and cream in your mash 🙂

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