Messy Log … Mascarpone Cake

mascarpone messy log

The Chocolate Base

5 eggs

100g sugar

100g flour

3 generous tablespoons Green&Blacks organic cacao

  1. Beat eggs until foaming
  2. Add sugar until foamy
  3. Sieve flour and cacao into and beat lightly
  • Bake for ca 10-15min
  • Make sure it is not too dry
  • Once you take it out of the oven put a clean moist kitchen towel over the dough whilst it is cooling down

The Filling

  1. 350g mascarpone
  2. 3 table spoons demerera sugar
  3. 1 shot Amaretto
  4. 100g chocolate chips
  5. 1 peeled and finely cut orange
  6. 1/2 cup orange juice
  • Mix it thoroughly
  • spread evenly onto the cooled base
  • carefully roll it
  • dust more cacao powder over it
  • rest in fridge for at least a couple of hours before serving

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