Summer 1946—Mixed Pickels


Mixed Pickles

Usually this recipe is created in July or August, when various vegetables are available. Choose in equal parts carrots, green beans, cauliflower, not yet ripe corn husks, further cut celeriac into cubes, pearl onions, 1-2 peppers, several cubes of horseradish, several small firm tomatoes, very small cucumbers or cornichons, dill and tarragon.

Clean and cut the first 8 vegetables nicely (Yes, there is constant advice to prepare the food nicely, beauteous, and prettily. Most of the time it is difficult to find a translation for the old-fashioned adjectives used.) after this boil to medium softness in lightly salted water and place into a sieve to drain. Together with tomatoes, cucumbers, and herbs place the vegetables in layers, sorted by colour in glasses. Then pour the initially boiled and cooled down liquid over the vegetables: 4 parts white wine vinegar, 1 part water, and per 1 liter of this mix use 20g salt and 80g sugar.

After 5 days reheat the vinegar to boiling point, cool down and pour again over the vegetables, close with cling film.

Comment: As you can see I transcribe the notes exactly as in my granny’s folder. Sometimes ingredients are listed other times they are incorporated into the text. 


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