Summer 1946—Raspberry Jelly

Did not have picture of raspberries so there are some ‘vintaged’ summer flowers

Raspberry Jelly

  • ½ liter raspberry juice
  • ½ kg sugar

Cook raspberries slightly to obtain the juice.

Filter juice through cloth, boil the juice with the sugar, simmer for about 3 to 5 minutes

Fill in canning glasses, close glasses immediately and turn up side down.

Canning Tip

In the 40s canning was often done with simply pulling cling film over a class top and then adding the lid. Filling jam, sauces or juice into glasses while hot, so they would not need further heat canning. I leave these instructions out of the translation.

If you have a cold room to store canned goods that might be okay, however, there is much more turning mouldy of the canned goods as opposed to heat sealing.

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