Duck Traditional Sunday Roast

So we had a massive beastie in our freezer—a Flugente (Duck). Who grew up roaming a wee ramshackle farm. So he was all muscle hardly fat and my first whole duck to cook ever!


The roast is not burned the picture just did not turn out greatly because my real camera is away for repair!

So roasting the beastie!

1 duck (4,4 kg)

6 small apples (organic from a friend’s garden)

1 generous hand-full of now I am in a pickle we call it Beifuß the dictionary gives me several translations from ambrosia, via mugworth, ghostplant, to common wormwood. I give you the Latin name just in case: artemisia vulgaris

Salt (make that a hand-full)

Wash the duck thoroughly

Rub half the salt into the duck

Stuff the whole apples and the artemisia into the duck

Take a big needle and unbleached cotton or wool thread and sew the bum of the duck close

This way the juice and flavours stay in the meat

Then rub the rest of the salt thoroughly into the skin

The roasting process

Place the duck into a roasting pan fill with approx 1 inch of water

Cover with aluminium foil for the first 2 hours

Put in oven at 200 ºC with the fan on

Take foil off

Once you take the foil off you have to pour the water from the pan over the meat every 15min

During this process you have to refill the water occasionally

I added 1/4 cup of dry white wine

My granny always calculates about 1 hour per kg but I took about 3,5 hours

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