Sweet & Sour Green Lentils

This was one of my favourite childhood treats if you want the vegan version leave the sausage out of it and peel & cut a medium size potato into cubes and boil those with the lentils. This one is not really a recipe because I always completely wing the ingredients—quite often because I never have the same sort of vinegar in the house and so need to experiment with the flavour a bit.


1-2 cups of green lentils (really depends on for how many people you make the recipe)


Vinegar (malt vinegar is best)



2 Hog Dog Sausages (well I import mine from Germany and prefer chicken or beef from our local butcher)


Boil the lentils as instructed on pack, use more water though so it becomes a soup

Add salt, vinegar & sugar once the lentils are soft … I like mine quite strongly flavoured so begin with 2 Tablespoons of vinegar and then add 1 Tablespoon of sugar, stir and taste repeat with spoons full of vinegar and sugar until it is to your liking.

Cut hot dog sausages into pieces and heat in the soup
It is a really simple recipe you just might need some experimenting until you figure out the flavour strength you like most.

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