Citrus Sirup

My dad used to bring the orange version of this from South Korea. It works miracles during flue season and when having a bad head cold. Here is my latest version:

2 organic  non waxed lemons

1 organic non waxed lime

ca 3 cups Demerara sugar

2 jam jars (clean thoroughly)

Tip: I usually boil jam jars and lids in water after I washed them with dish soap. Try with a clean kitchen towel.

Wash and slice the lime and lemons

Pile into jam jars with sugar

Mix and shake occassionally


Tip: The best result you will get with Seville oranges other citrus fruits tend to be too juicy

Tip: Heap two generous teaspoons of the sirup (and fruit) into a mug and add hot water to make a hot lemon

Tip: You can also use it at base for lemonade adding still or sparkling water and a couple of mint leaves


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