Vegan Sweet or Hiking Treat

We have awful cold and rainy weather here in Scotland, in May! No need to rant about how annoyed I am and the weather definitely calls for cosy comfy food. I like to take those treats with me when out hiking or have them at work for the early afternoon low.


These wee treats are inevitably vegan because they are based on dried fruit and nuts.


Apricot-Date-Almond Version



200 gr Soft Apricots (dried)

200 gr Pitted Dates

200 gr Whole Sweet Almonds

1 hand full of raisins

1 heaped Tablespoon organic fair-trade cacao (My vice is Green and Blacks Cacao–awesome!)



Step 1: Throw the dried fruit in the food processor and mix until minced into a thick mass

Step 2: Use the mincing knife and chop the almonds into rough pieces

Step 3: Put cacao into a small bowl or on a plate

Step 4: form little bite size lumps and roll in the cacao until they are round and covered with a layer of cacao

Step 5: store in a cool and dry place to let them dry out a bit more


Tip: Once they are settled I like to store them in the fridge because the soft apricots are not dried out completely and in our wet and cool climate mildew is a very happy camper.

To be honest though they do not tend to last longer than a week anyway … *sends accusing glances to hubby*

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