Vegan Fusion Stew

I am turning into an accidental vegan—I am experimenting a lot lately and somehow end up with loads of vegetarian and vegan recipes. Well, probably because I feel guilty of having stuffed my face with too many cookies during the day writing the obligatory academic publications.

Today is a Moroccan inspired stew. It is a quick and easy recipe that pretends to be some really interesting advanced fusion dish.

Serves 2-3 (depending on if you serve it with flat bread and side salad or plain)



1 pinch each Rosmary & Thyme

1 pinch cinnamon

2 pinch coriander (ground seeds)

2 pinch ground cummin

2 pinch ground chillies (or fresh chilli but I had to use my larder today)

Fresh Ingredients:

1 Plantain (peel and cut 1 inch slices and half each of the slices)**

1 small red onion

2 cloves garlic

1 inch fresh Turmeric (I love the local Morrisons they have a great world food section*)


1 tin chopped organic tomatoes

1 tin organic chick peas

1 tiny portion corn


1 Spoon Olive Oil

heat and throw in the chopped onion, garlic & Plantain

Let this all fry for 3-4 minutes until onions glassy and the Plantain slightly browned

Throw in tomatoes, chick peas, corn and the spices

Put lid on pot

Stir regularly and let simmer for about 15 minutes

*wash your hands properly after cutting the Turmeric, I washed mine but not well enough and have now managed to die my keyboard yellow.

** Plantains are really sweet and ripe when they look yellowish brown (if a normal banana would look like this you would probably throw it out, that is the perfect state for a Plantain)

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