Hearty Country Breakfast

Before tackling the hills with my bike, working the garden and going for walks, I need a proper breakfast.

It got a bit messy taking out of the pan, my only excuse: I was hungry, screw the aesthetics 😀


This time I used the low fat healthier option Feta—I have to admit, it is horrible in salads but heated in a dish it is fine.


2 free range eggs (discovered Ardardan a local farm with shop, which has fantastically fresh eggs for a modest price)

1/2 a small red onion

3 organic cocktail tomatoes

1 glove garlic

2 slices Feta cheese

1/2 table spoon of olive oil


Fry the onion & garlic

Half the tomatoes and throw them in

Open the eggs and put them on top of the tomatoes and onions

Quickly add the Feta & some herbs (anything really from fresh chives to oregano & chillies)

Put lid on top of it

If you put a lid on the pan and put the eggs on top of the vegetables the moisture in the veggies will prevent the egg from burning onto the pan and you will not need so much oil frying your breakfast eggs

While this cooks (timing depends on if you want soft or hard eggs)

Cut quarter a Cantaloupe melon and get some bread

In the picture above I used Vinschgauer which is a Southern German sourdough rye flat bread with caraway one of my most favourite breads

For healthier options go for wholewheat or rye breads

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  1. Thanks, I have been looking for information about this subject for ages and yours is the best I’ve found so far.

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