Hot Choc and Fruits

Pudding is the vice of the day!

Oh yes thick, dark and delicious chocolate pudding!

I pinched the picture from great page!


In  Germany I can easily obtain a small paper bag with a pudding mix stir this with some sugar in hot milk, cook until it boils and then eat cold or hot. Here in Scotland people do not seem to agree with the concept of pudding. One can buy vile pods or even metal cans with custard (eeek way too sweet!) but this is not the same. So when I had my last bag of pudding powder from home I just had a closer look at the ingredients. Go figure! There is nothing in it but corn starch and some vanilla aroma.

So explorer me marched (no I was not counting left, right, left, right—mainly because I am never quite sure which of the sides is the left and which is the right one) to the next supermarket and got a big box of corn starch and some really nice fair trade cacao. I had at home demerara sugar and vanilla sugar (find recipe in previous post).

So commence the experiment

1 pint of semi skinned milk

5 heaped tablespoons corn starch (make that 4 if you do not like the pudding too thick)

3 table spoon demerara sugar

1 table spoon vanilla sugar

4 generous table spoons fair trade cacao

It’s all in the stirring

poor 3/4 of the pint into a big pot and begin to heat

mix all the other ingredients into the left over milk until smooth thick mass

once the milk is about to boil

turn down heat and stir ingredients into the milk

stirr well until bubbles come up

Tip: I recommend and egg twist or if you want the pudding really fluffy take your blender and mix it with the blender—this way the pudding becomes creamy without actually having to add calorie multiplying cream

or until the liquid becomes thick

pour into bowl for cool down

OR serve with fruit for a hot-cold dessert

ALDI which luckily is in the neighbourhood has modestly priced frozen fruits

Put 2 generous table spoons of frozen summer berries in a bowl

Pour hot pudding over it

Wait a minute or two

Then ENJOY —the pudding will still be hot but the fruit will just about be defrosted and deliciously cold

Vegan: I have experimented and it is easily done with soy ‘milk’ as well

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