Cabbage Beef Olives

My profile snows … cannot remember to have switched the feature on—’och well’ as they would say here in Scotland let’s get to nice and comfy winter recipes.


So you need:

1 Savoy (or white cabbage)  … I prefer white cabbage because this is how it is done traditionally but if it is not organic it makes me ill. Savoy cabbage is really nice, too.

1 small red onion

about 700gr minced beef (mind you if you use savoy cabbage go not for the lean steak mince else it is going to be too dry)

1 egg

1 handful of breadcrumbs

1 teaspoon majoram, thyme

1/2 ground caraway

Salt & pepper

You also need white strong 100% cotton (or anything organic that does not melt or poison you) yarn

Tip: Now my great granny would soak the white cabbage in cold water over night, this was supposed to make the cabbage less smelly and get the excess nitrates and phosphates out of the food. 

Boil the cabbage in salty water until it is soft (not too soft though else it falls apart)

Take out and let cool down

Meanwhile prepare your minced meat (you know the spiel chop the onions throw in the spices, egg, breadcrumbs make a dough out of it)

Then peel the cabbage carefully leave by leave.

Take a handful of the minced meat and fill into one cabbage leave, wrap a second leave around and fix it all with the yarn. Continue to do so until no meat is left.

You usually have a bit of cabbage left though: safe this for later, the recipe will follow in the next post.

Now you need another onion and olive oil and a really big frying pan or you start fry the cabbage beef olives one after the other.

Tip: Do not let out this first fry step because this makes most of the taste

So as usually cut onions throw in pan (after the oil)

Heat until glassy

Add the cabbage beef olives and fry briefly on each side until they are browned

then lay all the cabbage beef olives on a baking tray

pour a cup of water into the frying pan

swirl and pour the onion frying water over the cabbage beef olives

put into oven and bake at 200 for 35-45 minutes

you may want to pour some more water over them

I have a new kitchen and surround-sound air cooker so far I only figured out how nuclear works …

Well if you are not sure if the olives are done take the meat thermometer or do as I do cut one in half and check.

Serve with boiled potatoes

Make a sauces out of the sauce that is left in the baking tray

Tip: You really want to use caraway as spice because it helps you to digest the cabbage

Tip: This food freezes really well and tastes best the next day

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