Picking the Bones—Comfy Alltime Favourite

So to keep with the topic of saving left-overs, you were surely wondering what to do with the left over meat from the chicken carcass.

This is my variation of a childhood favourite

1 medium sized onion

Left over chicken meats (from one chicken)

1 can of sliced champignons

1 Tbsp capers

1 glass of dry white wine or sherry

some lemon juice, salt pepper

50 gr butter

3 Tbsp flour

3-4 cups of chicken stock (I usually just use water though)

dice the onion finely and fry in butter until glassy

mind the heat so you won’t burn the butter

use an egg whisk to slowly beat the flour under the butter

then add the sherry (wine)

add stock (water)

capers, campignons, meat

heat thoroughly

add spices to your taste

Serving for 2

2 slices of thoroughly toasted bread slightly cooled down

(this will prevent the bread from completely falling apart while baking)

enough cheese to cover the bread generously

fill 1,5 cups of the stew into an oven safe portion sized form

put one slice of bread on top of each

cover with cheese

Tip: I am a big fan of Cheddar but for this recipe a milder cheese such as Gouda or Edam is better

Put into pre-heated oven on (gas mark 8 ) for about 5-10 minutes

or until the cheese is golden brown

Serve with side salad

and because this is a family thing I recommend Müller Torgau as table wine … yeah I know good luck getting that one anywhere else in the world

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