Vanilla Sugar

Great-granny style!

Since living in Scotland I miss these wee packs of vanilla-sugar I can buy in Germany and use for baking and puddings etc—never getting the hang of how to use the vanilla essence available in supermarkets.

When I dug through my granny’s cupboards looking for spices for my chutneys I found a mysterious glass of yellowish looking sugar. On opening it a wave of precious, sweet, comforting scent enfolded me.

“Is this vanilla-sugar, granny?”

“Why of course; you see your great-grandmother used to do this all the time. She would have a glass of it in her pantry and it stays fine for years.”


This is how you go about.

1 pod of vanilla

1 kg sugar (I used white Fairtrade cane sugar)

1 screw-top glass

  • Put vanilla pod into the glass
  • pour the sugar over it
  • shake and keep in your pantry
  • it is supposed to be good for 2 years at least


Tip: My granny said that one pod of vanilla for 1kg of sugar is too little. However, the vanilla I got was so strong I did not have to put the second pod into the sugar. Experiment a little with the dosage, I think it may depend on the quality of the vanilla you get.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Evelyn says:

    I do that too!! I also make lavender sugar – put some buds of lavender in sugar.

    1. Frieda says:

      That sounds lovely—I’ve never heard off lavender sugar. What for are you using it?

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