Asparagus Cream Soup

Blogging this time from Germany to share all the yummy foods we have on our holiday.

Today Asparagus Cream Soup—here in Saxony we have white asparagus. We are also quite a bit snobby: green asparagus is the stuff we usually throw out, because it is the asparagus that got sunlight and was not harvested in right time. So there that was my food-snobbery for the day. Now the recipes & pictures.

For 3 people I used 1-1,3 kg of cut asparagus

Put in pot, pour water in pot so that about 2/3 of the asparagus is in water

Add 1 teaspoon of salt (add more later if needed)

Boil for about 20 minutes

Tip: White asparagus has to be peeled else it will be stringy

but we are here outwith the asparagus season so it is only frozen veggies for us anyway …

Then fish the asparagus tips out of the pot and put in a bowl

Use hand-blender and blend asparagus in the water you boiled it in until creamy

Add the asparagus-tips again

Crash some black pepper into the soup

If you like also some nutmeg & lemon but you can also simply add 1 tablespoon of Schmand (that would be creme fresh) or butter

Serve and have it with a buttered hot roll

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