Winterlore 19 – Kurrende Singer

Kurrende Singer (Kurrendesänger) was a group of pupils, who went caroling throughout the village or town under the lead of a prefect. These pupils were generally from families in financial need and with the caroling these children collected some money for the Christmas time. The Kurrende Choir is in some areas still responsible for leading the songs during church service.

In Saxony these children choirs are still tradition in rural areas, particularly in the Erzgebirge. We went as children with the cantor to old and bedridden people singing and playing recorder during Advent time.

The Erzgebirge wood carvings I wrote about earlier show some beautiful Kurrende figures.



I also found a page with instructions (in German though) to make a group of singers at home. Try out Google Translate and give it a shot.

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