Winter Lore 14 – Christmas Markets 01

One of Saxony’s oldest and my personal favourite is the Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas Market) with over 570 years running the Striezel Markt in Dresden, it is the oldest Christmas Market in Germany – and a beautiful one. It is usually set up on the Altmarkt, the centre of the old part of Dresden, yet has in the last years run up from the Main Station all the way to the castle. With (of course) sausage huts and mulled wine booths as stables, my choice would be Pflaumentoffel and Pfefferkuchen.



Now I had to re-post this picture from the Dresden Wiki, as I don’t have a Pflaumentoffel at home. If you are wondering what the crumbly black stuff is: these are baked plums. Plums that are dried on backing paper in the oven by low temperature (50-70ºC) for 24 hours, then air dried for another 2 weeks. I love baked plums, yet you ought to be careful not to eat too many.

The history of the Pflaumentoffel is rather unpleasant, deriving from the 17th century it is a remainder of the children who were used to clean chimneys. The children had to literally crawl up chimneys and clean those from inside. On the Dresden Christmas Market, children would sell these Pflaumentoffel to earn money.


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