Winter Lore 11 – Bleigiessen

Led Casting my family’s beloved and never missed New Years Eve tradition. As far as I am aware of it is a widely spread tradition in Germany.

It is a fortune telling devise, that has to be done during the first hour of the new year. In Germany you can buy led casting sets. Grandpa would usually just cut some pieces off old led pipes. Then we need the old steel spoon, whose one and only purpose for decades is: being a melting-pot for led pieces. Further you need a small iron pot filled with cold water, and a candle (lit of course).

Now place a piece of led onto the metal spoon, and hold the spoon over the candle flame until the led is liquefied. The drop the led quickly with one swoop into the cold water. Let it in there for half a minute or you’ll burn you fingers. Take it out and go crazy interpreting.

Spritproject suggests some interpretations. The typical ones are: if you have a pig that means good luck, an embryo a baby etc … but hey we had already a person riding a dragon, a big snake breaking out of a clunk of lead, a tree with roots and branches and stem and all … so you might want to grab a dream interpretation and symbolism book because the little description coming with the led casting set has so far failed to show a form any of us casted.

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