Winter Lore 09 – Feuerzangenbowle

The physics department of my alma mater has a great tradition: Every year on Nikolaus day, they hold a mock lecture bringing out all the experiments that spark, and make noise and at the end of the demonstrations the movie: Die Feuerzangenbowle is aired in the lecturer hall. A movie from the 1930ies featuring a famous writer, who grown up with private tutors, gets bullied by his regular’s table to go back into last year highschool and experience it. Which is of course accompanied by a variety of pranks and a love story all in black and white. The movie opens with the regular’s preparing Feuerzangenbowle (burnt punch)

Now there is no year where the physics department’s tradition is not accompanied by serving named Feuerzangenbowle (burnt punch). Here my family’s recipe for about 5-6 people:

For the punch:

2 bottles red wine

5 spoons brown sugar (you might need more or less according to your taste)

1-2 organic (or untreated) Oranges

1 cinnamon stick

5 cloves

2 pinches ground ginger

5 pimento corns

  1. cut oranges into slices
  2. add all ingredients into a big pot
  3. heat up until the punch starts boiling
  4. then switch off the heat

To make Glühwein (mulled wine) into Feuerzangenbowle (burnt punch)

1 fire tongs (or a sugar loaf holder)

1 sugar loaf

1 bottle Stroh Rum (high percentage rum for flambé)

  • put as in the picture above the sugar loaf (cone) in the holder
  • pour slowly 1-2 cups of rum over it
  • light the sugar cone
  • the heat will melt the sugar and left it slowly drop into the punch
  • if necessary pour more rum over the sugar (although you will not need the whole cone for 2 liters of wine)
  • stir, pour out and drink – Prost, Cheers, Sláinte

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