Winterlore 06 – Nikolaus

Nikolaustag day in Germany is base on Saint Nikolaus and has traditionally been the day of giving out Christmas presents. The blog will not be able to discuss the various names and local traditions that accompany Nikolaustag in Germany. The local traditions here are very different; dress code, Nikolaus’ companions and even his name vary.

In our area Nikolaus would come during the night from the 5th to the 6th of December and leave small presents in your shoes. Yet only! if you had cleaned your shoes, dirty shoes would be filled with coals. So you can imagine children taking their biggest pair of shoes (wellies, boots etc) and make the shiny the on the evening of the 5th December. Traditionally the shoes would be filled with sweets, nuts and citrus fruits until my Mom’s generation, now children would also get little presents. Some nice stationary, pocket games, maybe a book, favourites are chocolate Nikolauses. If you have a very creative Nikolaus you might put on your ties in the morning to step on a handful of hazelnuts.

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