Posting delays


I am making myself a little rare while I am working on a ’24 posts till Christmas’ special edition full of Saxonian and local lore, recipes and of course pictures. So during the next couple of weeks I am going to entertain you with stories and poems I’ve written a while ago. Don’t wonder if the language is clumsier than usual. I try to post some recipes in between.

First Snow and friendship:

Snow. The snow was falling although this description is not quite suitable, the snow was not falling it was dancing, floating in the air as if there would be no gravity at all. It was the Sunday in Commemoration of the Dead, although sounding rather sinister this night had more of a retrospective and harmonious character. There was no wind, the snow had just started falling and with this all sounds ceased. Dresden is a quiet city, but during this night the snow muffled the usual background sounds so that we could hear the silence. When we walked away from our student dorm and met a couple of other students just coming from, or going to a party, even their light headed talk was muffled as if the city had asked for silence.

Proceeding our way we enjoyed being the first ones to leave footprints in the fresh snow. The streetlights lightened our way only to some extent. Each of them a small cell of light, which could not manage to break through the darkness, and still all the way, light, seemed to gloom from everywhere. The snow was catching the light taking it with it and spreading it as it spread the silence. We felt like walking in a sepia photo, only we could smell the snow and the cold. We could smell the coming winter.

I think this evening will always stay very livid in our memory because it so much stands for the pleasures of winter; the silent snow without storms, peace and tranquility of a mind clearing cold, mystic lighting and the comfort of friendship.

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