Herbal Extracts

Do you have wonderfully scented roses in your garden, sumptuous lavender or spicy thyme?

Why not trying to make some herbal extracts, to use in relaxing baths, for massages or as seasoning?

For cosmetic use I suggest almond or olive oil as a base, for the kitchen olive oil or sunflower oil.





Take a glass or glass bottle for which you have a lid, fill it with rose blossoms, lavender blossoms (with stem) or thyme. Fill the glasses with oil and leave in a window – sunny place for 24-48 hours.

Then filter the oils through a kitchen towel or paper coffee filter. Fill in dark glass bottles or ceramic bottles and store in a cool and dry place in the dark.


Love Potion

300 ml almond oil

5 rose blossoms (wild brier)

3 strawberries

  • find a glass container in which the roses and strawberries just barely fit in
  • fill the rest of the container with the oil
  • proceed as described above
  • use the oil for massages or a some drops of it as love potion in a fruit salad for instance

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