Vegan Autumn Pasta Dish

Makes 2 portions

use about 120 – 150 gr pasta

Tip: Most Italian pasta is egg free so just check the pack and you spare a trip to a specialist shop or the ‘free from’ shelf, which also involves saving some money.

prepare as instructed on pack

usually involves boiling some water with a pinch of salt in it

Tip: add a teaspoon of olive oil into the water to avoid the pasta getting sticky

The vegetable fry up:

2 tablespoons Olive Oil

1 small Onion

1 glove Garlic

1 tablespoon fresh Ginger

Tip: When cooking for dinner I am too tired to pay attention to fine cutting. So I whether grate the ginger or cut it into smaller pieces and squish it through the garlic press – after peeling it of course

1 hand size piece of Squash (or harlequin pumpkin)

1/2 Fennel bulb

1 Carrot

6 slices cut from a Leek

1 pack (400 gr) of baby Tomatoes

1/2 Avocado

  • cut onion & garlic into small square fry in olive oil
  • cut squash and carrot and leek at add to the pan once the onions are glassy
  • cut the tomatoes in half and the fennel into slices add after about a minute
  • while this is frying cut the avocado and add
  • let this cook until the squash (pumkin) is soft
  • spice with oregano, basil, salt some pepper or chilly

Share out the pasta and add half of the vegetable to each portion

Non Vegans:

grate some Feta over it

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