Having a Cold 01











Feeling you got something comin’?

Here comes an alcohol free as well as a hot toddy version

Hot Drink against Cold

1 piece of fresh ginger (about 1  inch)

1 garlic glove

1 fresh lemon (or lime)  – the juice of

1 teaspoon (organic) honey

1 cup of hot water
peel the garlic & ginger

– press the lemon (or lime)

– boil the water

put lemon, garlic, ginger  into a mug

poor the hot water over it

wait till it cooled down a little then add the honey

then drink slowly

have about 3 a day

Tip: Honey should not be heated above 60ºC (140F)

Hot Toddy

1 teaspoon of honey (brown sugar will do too, although honey is better)

1 fresh lemon (lime) – juice of

2 shots of Whiskey

1 mug of hot water

Pour Whiskey and lemon juice into a mug

Pour hot water over it

Steer honey in

Drink slowly – then snug in bed and sweat it out ;P

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