Never know what to do with left over mashed potatoes …

besides heating it up again?


Try the Saxonian recipe for potato scones (Quarkkeulchen) you need:



raisins (if you like )

take what ever mashed potatoes you have left over

estimate 1/4 of this volume and take the same volume quark and flour

mix it all together until you get a thick easy to knead dough

add raisins

form scones

fry them in a slightly greased pan until they are golden brown on both sides

Tip: you can freeze these scones easily and then just heat them in your normal toaster (on the defrost setting) for breakfast

Tip: I love quark (as you might have figured out by now) and tend to use at least one pot (250 gr) no matter how little mashed potatoes I have left … you just need to top up with more flour … try wholemeal flour for an even healthier option

Tip: If you prefer the scones not as dense use 1/2 or 1 teaspoon baking powder to mix under the dough

Not to leave you without a picture yet again I added one of a different kind of potato scone, the recipe will follow shortly.

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