Another gory story

Saving a thumb … literally.

Once upon a time there was a student who had some pretty screwed roomies, one night roomy came home having lost parts of the thumb in a cab-door, or so was the assumption as memory had gone down the drain of alcohol and other intoxicating substances. Not being the cleanest piggy in the sty, the following morning a nasty inflammation had started to attack the limb, the flesh started getting the colour dead and dying flesh takes on. A fear supported by biology expert roomy. The thumb was hot, swollen, inflamed, missing parts and on top of all bruised heavily. As roomy vehemently refused to go to a doctor, the rather stern farm approach to avoid blood poisoning and start the healing had to be suffered.

After somewhat provisionally cleaning the wound with hand warm water, student sacrificed some of her best (and highest proof) whiskey stuffed the battered thumb into it – and to be honest watched somewhat smugly the poor roomy squirm as the strong liqueur did its job. Student then applied a mixture of Manuka honey and highly concentrated chamomile tincture, put a thin cotton gauze bandage around. After half a day carefully washed the lotion off and repeated the procedure, leaving it over night. The next morning after washing off the lotion the wound looked already much better, although still inflamed. Another day of treatment, see before, with intermittent letting air on the wound (Opa was a strong believer of letting wounds breathe) the flesh had turned a healthy pinkish colour.

Eventually on day three roomy decided to go to the doctor, who told him that the thumb look really good and there is nothing he could do.

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