The Versatility of Quark (01)

If quark would rhyme with anything more interesting than squawk I would probably write an Ode to Quark. While not all poems should rhyme, an Ode is the exemption … och well, I might try it at some point. Here we go:

Granny used quark as remedy, cosmetic product and well food. I think I start with one of the remedial uses of this.

As children we always had scratched knees covered with scab and puss. Mostly we were too busy running around to clean the scratches properly, only if caught, granddad would insist on rinsing the bleeding knee under the garden hose. We tried to avoid this because picking out little stones and ‘what nots’ from a wound really hurts.

So if the infection got too bad and stuck underneath the scab. Granny would slab a good helping of quark onto it. Whilst drying, the quark pulled out the inflammation and puss. Rinse CAREFULLY with warm water and repeat as necessary. This works with most skin blemishes and inflammations as well as pimples. Just ensure you rinse and clean the skin thoroughly after the treatment.

Quark Face Mask

For stressed skin, red and inflamed skin, pimples & blackheads

makes about 2-3 applications

about 100 gr quark

1 teaspoon honey

mix until creamy

apply a thick layer and leave on your skin for about 15-20 min

If you want to draw out black heads and pimples leave on until the quark is dry

rinse with warm water

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