Traditional German Dumplings

1 kg potatoes

250 g flour (you might need more)

2 Eggs

Pinch of Salt


1. Boil potatoes and let cool down

make sure to use, yellow floury potatoes such as Maris Piper or Saxon

2. Knead the cold potatoes into a mash

add the flour and eggs and salt

you might need more flour depending on the kind of potatoes you used

the dough should be very dense and NOT stick to your fingers

3. if you like Parsley cut a bunch of fresh Parsley and mix it under the dough

4. Start a big pot with water, put some salt in the water or you can also use broth instead of water

5. Form the dumplings and put into the boiling water

6. IMPORTANT once the dumplings are in the water lower the temperature to about 70°C to 80°C and let them simmer for ca 25min

Do not cover the pot or the dumplings will become slimy and start to fall apart!

Tip for Vegans: you can do this without the eggs, too.

Just adjust the amount of flour you use (you will need less) – or you can use a little bit of the water from boiling the potatoes in (2 Tsp)

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