Living Wall: Installation

It’s alive! So this weekend was the weekend to install the first bit of the living wall. The last planting pockets are still on their way to roost. Okay let’s start with the frame. Tip: if you buy the textile planting pockets (don’t install the frame before they arrive) despite specifications they are between 1-2…

Left-Overs Sushi

Occasionally, when I really can’t stand the idea of yet another sandwich, I like to get sushi for lunch. The delis close to campus have a pretty decent but not inexpensive selection. This is also where I discovered avocado sushi—I know, awesome right? So last week, after dinner we have a lot of rice left…

Pizza Sauce Version 01

1 Can Chopped Tomatoes 1/2 Tube Tomato Triple Concentrate 1/4 tbsp salt 1/2 tbsp freshly crushed rainbow peppers 1 tbsp oregano Blend until smooth thick sauce happens

Accidental Best Pizza

I shared my favourite pizza-dough a long, long, long … long time ago. But, well you know how accidents—or forgetting to buy flour three times in a row *cough*—can lead to unexpected outcomes? So here is an even better dough recipe! Whoohoo. Isn’t that exciting? Mini-cheat Okay continuing with the food-porn. So I have begun…

Inflamed Gums

If you are like me you might struggle with painful gums and teeth during stressful times or—let’s be honest—the chocolate binging during the holidays. I wanted to share a couple of things that have helped me through last year’s fairly painful episodes without needing a new filling. What do you think? What works for you?…

Living Wall—Planning Stage

This is the first post about building an outdoor living wall. The conditions are less than favorable: West facing in Scotland…This is phase one planning, costing, and taking herbal headcounts

Vintage Art Nouveau Style Fabric

Dealing with smelly vintage garment and first time using a NewLook pattern:
Last year my mom send me a huge pile of vintage fabrics, after the first excitement I noticed two problems. One was that they came in varied and non-standard lengths, and the other problem was a very musty old smell that still hung in the cloth even after two washing cycles with disinfectant.

Baked-Burger Buns

No fat or oil needed. The perfect protein dish. This was a childhood stable, my granny would make a huge tray with these rolls for the whole family. We would have apple mixed with seabuckthorn juice with them. The perfect winter food.

Calculating Vegetable Portions

Per Person calculate 250 gr vegetable if: Peas Carrots Kohlrabi Green Beans Brussel Sprouts Kale Mushrooms Per Person calculate 375 gr vegetable if: Asparagus Spinach Cabbage If you choose Sauerkraut 200gr Now keep in mind these are guidelines from 1946, just after the war. Most of these measurements considered that there was no meat in…

Potato Soup

Ingredients For Preparation 01 1,5 liter water 750 gr potatoes 250 gr soup vegetable (carrot, leek, celery) For Preparation 02 2 onions Olive oil For Preparation 03 Fresh Parsley Preparation Peel and cut veggies (preparation 01) and boil in water Add salt to taste Peel and cut onions (preparation 02) Fry until browned Once veggies…